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Date Added: 08/01/2009
Last Updated: 08/01/2009

Price : Various

City : Cheltenham

County : Glos

Country : United Kingdom

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Contact Person : KIM

Phone: 01242 513588

Web-site: Click Here

Ad ID : 799752

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COTSWOLD REPTILE CENTRE - Cheltenham - Cheltenham, Glos, United Kingdom
Granite Burmese Pythons Python m.bivitattus CB08 650.00 pair
Indian Pythons Python m. molorus CB 295.00 With papers
Burmese Pythons Python m.bivitattus CB08 190.00
Royal Pythons Python regius CB08 115.00 Good colours, strong
African Rock Pythons Python sabae CB 120.00 Nasty beast!
Jungle Carpet Pythons Morelia s.cheynei CB06 125.00 Breeding adults
Irian Jaya Carpet Python Morelia s.harrisoni CB 150.00 female
Hog Island Boas Boa c. CB 179.00 Adult male
Cuban Boas Epicrates angulifer CB04 280.00 Breeding pair
Cuban Boas Epicrates angulifer CB08 79.00 Bred here by above pair

Gaboon Vipers Bittis gabonica CB08 75.00 Defrost feeder
European Asp Vipers Vipera aspis CB 89.00 Adult
Western Diamond Back Rattlesnakes Crotalus atrox CB07 65.00 Bred here

Albino Nelson's Milksnakes Lampropeltis t. nelsoni CB08 137.00 Well grown on
Pueblan Milksnakes? Lampropeltis t. campbelli CB 79.00 Adult
Sunbeam Snakes Xenopeltis unicolor CB 75.00 Rare
Red Housesnakes Lamprophis fuliginosis CB 55.00 Good colour, grown on sub
Checkered Garters Thamnophis marcianus CB08 29.00 Well started
Snow Cornsnakes Elaphe g. guttata CB08 69.00 Strong
Butter Motley Cornsnakes Elaphe g. guttata CB08 130.00 Well started
Sonoran Gopher Pituophis catenifer CB07 59.00 Sale

Bosc Monitors Varanus exanthematicus CR 59.00 adults, few to pick from
Red Tegus Tupinambis rufescens CB08 190.00 Tame, growing like crazy
Black and White Tegus Tupinambis merianae CB08 95.00
Frilled Dragons Chlamydosaurus kingii CB07 290.00 PAIR Sub adults
Orange Flame Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps CB06 150.00 Adult male
Salmon Pink Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps CB05 150.00 Adult male
Red Bearded Dragons Pogona vitticeps CB08 90.00 Well grown on!!
Hypo Pastel Bearded Dragons Pogona vitticeps CB08 90.00 Well grown on!! Pale
Bearded Dragon Pogona vitticeps CB06 80.00 Adult male
Bearded Dragons Pogona vitticeps CB08 69.00 Normals, grown on
Chinese Water Dragons Physignathus coccinchinus CR 85.00 Adult male immaculate
Dwarf Sungazers Cordylus tropidosternum WC 80.00 PAIR adults
Blizzard Leopard Geckos Eublepharus macularius CB08 59.00
Chinese Frog Eyed Geckos Teratoscincus scincus CB 90.00 PAIR Adults SUPERB!!
Yellow Throated Plated Lizards Gerrhosaurus flavigularis WC 25.00 Good condition
Madagascan Four Line Plated Lizard Zonosaurus quadrilineatus WC 25.00 Good condition

Argentine Horned Frogs Ceratophrys ornata CB08 39.99 Pac Man's
Yellow & Black Poison Arrow Frogs Dendrobates leucomelas CB07 59.00
Tri Color Poison Arrow Frogs Epipedobates tricolor CB07 49.00
Miami Marine Toads Bufo marinus WC 9.99 SALE
Oriental Fire Bellied Toads Bombina orientalis WC 9.99 Bright!
Czech Fire Salamanders Salamander salamander WC 23.99 Adults

Russian Tortoises Testudo horsfieldii WC 189.00 Sub adults
Red Foot Tortoises Chelonoidis carbonaria CB DUE
African Side Neck Turtles Pelusios gabonensis CF06 28.99
Yellow Bellied Turtles Trachemys s. scripta CF07 24.99
Yellow Bellied Turtles Trachemys s. scripta CF08 24.99
Mississippi Map Turtles Graptemys kohni CF07 24.99

Mexican Red Knee Tarantulas Brachypelma smithi CB 45.00 2"
Trinidad Olive Birdeater Holothele incei CB 19.00 1.5"
Black & White Ornate Tarantula Lasiodora cristata CB 59.00 Adults
Honduran Curly Hair Tarantula Brachypelma albopilosum CB 25.00 Adults
Desert Hairy Scorpions Hadrurus arizonensis WC 21.99 Adults
Israeli Gold Scorpions Scorpio maurus WC 37.50 Adults
Giant Land Snails Achatina sp CB08 0.50 babies
Giant Land Snails Achatina sp CB 4.95 Adults

All available instock as 6th Jan 09.

Open 7 days a week

Unit 2, Lower Mill Street, Cheltenham. GL51 8JN

Contact Kim Tel 01242 513588 City Cheltenham County Gloucestershire Web Site

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